What Is Line Dancing?

Line Dancing starts with walking through simple steps, clapping, kicking, and moving around the room in time with each other. We all do the same steps which are demonstrated by the instructor. Once you have walked through the step’s we put the dance to music.

Why not try one of the beginner’s classes to start with - expect to spend a few weeks getting used to the style of dance and get in some practice. The beginner's class will include dances for those who have done no Line Dancing before and want to learn both the basics and some great dances that everyone can do right from the outset.

When you arrive people may already be dancing. The instructor will call out the name of the dance and everyone joins in. It is at this point that you might think "I’ll never be able to do that!" however, when you look and see the sort of people doing it, all ages, sizes, and abilities you will see that it is actually very easy. The secret to Line Dancing is that you are doing a few basic steps facing one direction and then you repeat them, facing another. This makes it look very complicated but it is not.

Each week, expect to review dances taught in the last few weeks so you'll be able to learn them if you missed a week. There will also be a reminder of older and more familiar dances that have been taught. You will also learn new dances which means that everyone is at the same level when learning a new dance.

Don't expect to be able to do ALL the dances on your first class. Do one or two, then sit out and watch. You can learn a lot from watching others. It takes just a few classes to get used to Line Dancing and to get to know the names of some of the steps. When brand new dances are taught from scratch, they are walked through slowly, until everyone has a basic idea how they work, they are then put to music. The dance will be done again at following lessons, with the occasional reminder for all those who have instantly forgotten the steps. New dances are taught all the time so there will always be dances 'walked through'. This means walking through the step’s to refresh your memory.